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Colorado Photo Trip

August 21st, 2012

Colorado Photo Trip

How many of you out there love to hit the back roads to find fun and adventure and beautiful things to point your camera at? For someone who doesn’t do heights very well I still love taking the Jeep high into the mountains of Colorado……it’s the best part of the trip! You miss so much if you don’t hit the back roads because that will be where most of the old ghost towns, mines and well just all around beautiful scenes are!

The last photo trip we took in Colorado we based ourselves in Silverton and hit everything in that surrounding area. This year we will be based at the Taylor Reservoir area in Taylor Park. I have researched and have a big circle around the area that I want to capture on camera… many new places to explore!

Praying that my Verizon internet connection works and that I can share trip reports and photos from this trip in the evenings when we come in from the day on this blog and my Facebook page. We will be exploring old mines, ghost towns, old cemeteries not to mention the beautiful scenery around us……. might even throw a line in the water to catch a trout or two! Right now I’m still in packing mode to get our home on wheels together for the trip!